AMFIGAL is a state-of-the-art milk and dairy processing plant. It was founded in 2008, but practically it is in operation since 2014, and it originates from the Agricultural Cooperative “Agrinion Union” which has almost 100 years of history.

During the 20th century, the Agrinion Union, trying to overcome the stiffness and perceptions of the past, as to which should be the role of the farmer and his collective structures, and further empowering its role in the agricultural issues of the Prefecture, has proceeded to the investment and creation of processing units for its members’ agricultural products.

Such an investment was also Amfigal, which targets to support practically the breeder, providing at the same time to the consumer the possibility to enjoy the feta of excellent quality and the hard cheeses of the prefecture.

In AMFIGAL, we believe that the productive sector, namely livestock farming, is the major power of the Prefecture, that everyone has to promote and capitalize for the benefit of the land. With AMFIGAL, both the producer and the consumer win. Above all, however, Aetoloakarnania wins.