Our Facilities

The AMFIGAL Milk Processing Plant was completed in May 2016 and commenced operations in March 2017.

It is located in a plot of 20 acres in Kechrinia Amfilochia, away from the big urban centers. A state-of-the-art plant of 4.500 sq.m. has been developed in that location. The current production capacity of the plant is based on state-of-the-art production lines and aspires to lead the next years in its field, giving the opportunity to Aetoloakarnanian products to conquer the international markets.

Today we are cooperating with 450 selected producers in Aetoloakarnania for the supply of milk. Production capacity can exceed 100 tons of sheep and goat milk per day and can reach 6500 tons of feta and 1500 tons of graviera per year.