Who We Are

The importance of founding AMFIGAL is obvious. Breeders find a way out of marketing problems, new conditions are created in the much-abused dairy sector, and Aetoloacarnania, the prefecture with the largest livestock, acquires a modern unit in one of its main products.


AMFIGAL, based on strong and long-lasting relations with Aetoloakarnania’s producers, on the need to supply high quality and nutritional cheese products, on the establishment of the highest production standards, on respect for the natural environment and the tradition, as well as on the needs and on the consumer’s expectations, looks forward to creating a trademark, perfectly recognizable by the Greek consumer, which will certify the uniqueness, authenticity, originality and supremacy of AMFIGAL’s flavors.


For AMFIGAL respect for the consumer is inherent in respect for the Greek tradition. The relationship between AMFIGAL and the Greek breeder is a guarantee of quality and taste. AMFIGAL’s objective is for its products, to have a special place in the Greek family table, passing on from generation to generation.