Six major distinctions are added to the assets of AMFIGAL and its cheese products, which featured in the 2nd Greek Cheese Evaluation, which took place during the 5th Diary Expo 2018, the first specialized exhibition for dairy and cheese-making.


In particular, AMFIGAL’s Kefalograviera PDO stood out in the category “Hard Cheeses”, which, thanks to its unique organoleptic characteristics, its exquisite flavor and superior quality, “charmed” the judges and became the winner of the 1st place. In the same category Pecorino, was distinguished with the gold prize, while the bronze was won by Kefalotyri.

In the category “White Brine Cheeses” AMFIGAL’s Feta PD, was distinguished with the bronze.

In the category “Semi-hard Cheeses” AMFIGAL’s Graviera of Amfilochia won the silver, while Tsalafouti received the silver award in the category “Other Cheeses”.

The “Greek Cheese Evaluation” is one of the most important cheese-making events, involving Greek producers of cheese products from all over Greece. The evaluation of the nominations was made by a jury consisting of academics and experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of the Greek cheese products.

The fact that 6 of AMFIGAL’s products have stood out and were distinguished, moves, pleases and is not only a great honor for the company, but also an enormous recognition of its unceasing and continuous effort to offer cheese products of high nutritional value and excellent quality.

With only 2 years of operation of the factory, AMFIGAL proves that what matters is not the difficulties themselves, but how you raise your stature in front of them.

Respect for the consumer is for AMFIGAL inherent with respect for the Greek tradition. Respect for the Greek breeder is a guarantee of quality and taste. AMFIGAL, proud of its products, is committed through them to preserving the traditional flavors and recipes of Amfilochia, to protect the tradition, to enrich it and with love to offer it to Greek consumers.