Aetoloakarnania is the largest prefecture of Greece. Its main resource is the rural economy. It is a place of natural beauty, with endless lagoons, lush plains, scenic lakes, large rivers, mountains with rare flora, deep gorges, lacy beaches and sandy beaches. It is rich with ancient monuments, places of pilgrimage, traditional villages, while the image is complemented with modern cities and towns, as well as its remarkable tourist and commercial movement.

Aetoloakarnania is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčoutstanding mythical tradition. It is linked to the activities of its two tribes, the Aetolians and the Akarnanians, whose boundary was the Acheloos river. The Aetolians owe their name to the mythical hero Aetolus, son of Endymion and descendant of Zeus, while Akarnanians to Akarnas, son of Alkmaion and Callirhoe. The Aetolians who lived east of Acheloos had always hostile relations with the Akarnanians who lived west. The Aetolians maintained a neutral stance in the Persian Wars and appeared in the historical spotlight during the Peloponnesian War, while the Akarnanians fought on the side of the Athenians both in the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War. The Aetolian Confederacy – a federation of cities founded by the Aetolians – reached the peak of its power during the 3rd century. B.C. In 279 BC. the Aetolians, along with the Eurytans, crushed the Galats, who headed by Vrenos, raided Macedonia, Thessaly and Sterea Hellas. Aetolia and Akarnania were occupied by the Turks (1450-1451), and since then their fortunes have been interlinked. The heroic Exodus of Messolonghi (April 10, 1826) sealed recent Greek history.


Amfilochia is the capital of the Valtos Province of the Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania and the seat of the Municipality of the same name. The Municipality is characterized as semi-mountainous / mountainous, because 49% of its area is mountainous and 51% semi-mountainous.

Until 1907 Amfilochia was known by the name “Karvassaras”, from the Turkish words “Karavan – Serai” which means a caravan station. The liberation from the Turks came in 1829, when it gained the status of settlement by the name “Karvassaras”, while in 1836 it got the status of a Community. In 1907 it was renamed Amfilochia and in 1946 it gained the status of Municipality.